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1.         Name of competitions:

            The Competitions shall be called the Connacht Junior Cup and the Connacht Junior Shield and is the property of the Connacht Football Association


2.         Open To :

            The Competitions shall be annual, and shall be open to all bona fide Junior Clubs playing under the jurisdiction of the Association.  Clubs not competing in affiliated Leagues may be allowed to enter subject to the approval of the      Association.


3.         Definition of Junior Club:

            Junior Clubs shall be those competing in any League other than, the Football         

            League of Ireland (any section) Leinster Senior League Division One ,

            Munster Senior League Division One , Ulster Senior League, Connacht Senior

            League, Division One  and Leagues of a similar or higher status


4.         Definition of Junior Player:

            A junior player is one who is competing with a Junior Club, as defined in Rule 2, with the following exceptions:     

            (a) A Player who has ever received Senior International honours (amateur   honours excepted)

            (b) Any player who has played in the Football Association of Ireland Senio Under 21, Intermediate Cups and Divisional Association Senior Cups

            During the Season

            (c) A player who has ever played more than 13 (thirteen) games in Football League of Ireland Competitions, or in a League of a similar status in other Associations, unless he has been re -instated for his Club by their League   

            (d) A player who. During the current Season has played more than Five games in the Football League of Ireland (Any Section) Leinster Senior League Division One, Munster Senior League Division One, Ulster Senior League or 

            League of similar or higher status


5.         Doubt as to qualification. :

            Should there be any doubt as to the qualification of any Player taking part in these competitions, the Association shall have the power to call upon on such player, or Club to whom he belongs, to prove he is qualified according to the

            Rules. Failing satisfactory proof, the Association may disqualify such player, they think fit


6.         Suspended Players:

            Any player playing in Leagues of similar or higher status, who is suspended  for any reason within these Leagues, shall also for the duration of that suspension remain suspended, from all aspects  of Football within the jurisdiction of this Association





7.         Players limited to one team/club per Season

            No player may play for more than one team or club during any One Season in this Competition.


8.         Participation requirements

            Clubs wishing to participate in this competition must forward to their Area League Secretary an entry fee as laid down by the Association on or before 1st September, each Season together with the following information:

            (a)        Location of Ground

            (b)        Club Colours

            (c)        Whether ground is Public or Private

            (d)       Name and Address of Secretary and his Telephone numbers

            Any Club changing their Secretary must notify the General Secretary of this Association immediately in writing. Clubs not complying with this Rule in full may not be allowed compete in the competitions


            Area Secretaries must forward the details as described above to the General Secretary of this Association on or before the 1st September in each Season


9.         Number of players per Team and substitutes allowed :

            The competing Teams shall number eleven players, each bone fide members

            And shall be entitled to use at their discretion Three substitutes, from Seven named, at any time during the course of the game with the Referees consent .    A player ordered off the field of play by the Referee may not be substituted  during the game or during extra time  or during the F.I.F.A Rules regarding Penalties


10        Players registration Regulations :

            All Players wishing to compete in this competition must be bona fide registered players of their club at least 7 days prior to the Match. Acceptance   of registration shall be the same as that which applies in each League area in  which the Club normally competes, except for the time element. Only players properly signed and registered with the Club and their League on or before the   31st January are eligible to play in the Associations competition in any Season.


11        Team Colours and home Club responsibilities :

            Clubs competing in these competitions must wear their registered colours and  Jerseys must be numbered 1-18, where colours clash the home team must change.


            The home Clubs shall be responsible for the following

            (a) Ensuring that the playing pitch is marked up to the required standards as defined in the “The Laws of the “

            (b) Provide 3 playable footballs in accordance with “The Laws of the Game”

            (c) Payment of the Referee’s and expenses   

            (d) Spectator Control

            (f) Any other matters as defined in the Association’s “Club Discipline” Code        



12        Referees Card :        

            Clubs must fill in the Referee’s card prior to the commencement of the game and must print the player’s first name and surname, and a official of the Club must sign it


13        Area Divisions :

            The Competitions may be divided into such areas or sections as deemed necessary or appropriate by the Association


14        Drawing of Matches

            The names of the Clubs entered for the Competitions shall be placed in one lot or in lots as the Junior Committee may determine and shall be drawn and played in pairs.  The Committee may decide to play a qualifying round or  rounds in any area or areas as necessary. The Club drawn first shall have choice of ground


15        Starting time of games

            All games must be started at the appointed time but no protest will be upheld for late starting unless the Council is satisfied the result of the game was thereby affected.


16        Pitch Availability

            In the event of a Club losing its ground for any particular reason, that same  Club may nominate another ground and inform their opponents  and the Secretary of the Association.  Should a Club fail to secure another ground on        the day, then that Club must play on their opponents ground   the following Sunday unless otherwise agreed by the Secretary of the Association and the Area League Secretary


            Wherefore any reason a game does not take place, the home Team will forfeit home advantage and play the following Sunday on their opponents ground unless otherwise agreed by the General Secretary of the Association and the Area League Secretary.  The only exception being a blanket call off by the respective League(s). In this case the draw will remain as was.


17        Inspection of Players registration

            Any Club competing in the competitions shall be entitled to inspect the registrations of their opponents, and Area League Secretaries shall give full co-operation in this respect.


18        Duration of games :

            The duration of all games shall be 90 minutes plus 10 minutes extra time,  each way, in the event of Team being tied at the end of 90 minutes.  If the Teams are still tied after the extra time, then the F.I.F.A. rules regarding

            Penalties shall prevail to determine the winner          






19        Priority of Competition

            All Leagues shall receive a copy of all draws made for the competitions and  must make the necessary arrangements as directed by the Associaton for all    ties to be played  on the dates specified. This Competition shall take     precedence over all domestic competitions. Clubs cannot change venue, date          or time.  In the event of exceptional circumstances where a tie must be changed, the onus shall rest on the Club seeking the change to contact the opposing Club, Area League Secretary,General Secretary of the Association and the appointed Referee. The Association are the only body that may grant a change, postponement or otherwise,in consultation with the Area League Secretary


20        Refusing or Failing to Fulfil fixture                                                                        Clubs refusing or failing to fulfil a fixture or intending to scratch from the competition(s) must notify in writing, all parties concerned. The Club shall be removed from the competition(s) and may be liable to further disciplinary   action  by the Association, who shall have power to debar such club(s) from competing in the Competition the following Season or Seasons. Clubs may also be compelled to pay such expenses incurred bt the other travelling Teams or Referees.


21        Responsibility for payment of Match Officials

            The Association shall not be responsible for Clubs or Referees expenses relating to this competition


22        Unplayable Grounds:

            Where a ground has been declared unplayable or unfit to play upon for any reason, the match will be re-fixed for the travelling home Teams ground (in all cases where a Referee has travelled to an unplayable or unfit ground, he is       entitled to half match fee and expenses)


23        Abandoned Games

            In the case of an abandoned game, or where the game has not actually commenced, the Association shall decide on the matter , which is Final and binding.



24        Appointments of Officials for Semi Finals and Finals

            The Referee and assistants  for Semi Finals and Finals shall be chosen by the Association and shall not be from the same area  from which the competing teams are from,with the exception of the Two teams being from the same area


25        Cost of Match officials  fees:

            The Referee’s and/or assistants  fees for all games shall be those that are in existence for the current Season as agreed upon by the Football Association of Ireland’s Referees Committee and executive Committee of the Irish Soccer Referees Society





26        Non-availability of appointed Match official(s) :   

            In the event of the appointed Referee not turning up for a game, the local Area League Secretary shall appoint a replacement.  Where a late replacement is not possible, then the competing teams must play the following weekend at the same  venue


27        Protests & Appeals :

            Any protests or appeals  in connection with these competitions shall be in accordance with the Rules of this Association


28        Failure to play fixed Match

            The date fixed by the Association, and without sufficient reason for so doing, shall be adjudged to have lost the Match, and otherwise dealt with as   the Association may determine


29        Unsporting behaviour at grounds

            Where it can be proven that the partisans of the Club which has choice of ground systematically interfere with the play of the opposing Team, by using improper language or inciting the home players to use violence to their          opponents, on the application of the Club which played against the said Club.        The Association shall have the power to take whatever action it deems necessary which may include re-fixing the game for a neutral venue, awarding  the game to the opponents, or fine or remove the guilty Club


30        Distribution of Gate receipts :

            In all ties, with the exception of the final, the home Club will hold the gate receipts.  In the finals, the Division, after deduction of all expenses, will be one half to the Association and one quarter to each of the opposing Clubs


31        Grounds for Finals

            Grounds for Finals shall be at all times the best available ground  in the area i.e. Galway  Terryland Park, Mayo Milebush, Roscommon Lecarrow, Sligo /  Leitrim Mac Sharry Park


32        Cups and Medals

            The club winning the competition(s) shall be presented with a cup and/or   trophies as decided upon by the Junior Committee and must sign a document  of receipt as laid down by the Junior Committee trophies or medals may be presented to the runners-up.  Trophies or medals will not exceed 18. Further trophies may be purchased at the request and expense or the Club  requesting  them.


33        Awareness of Rules

            Clubs competing in those competitions shall be fully aware of the Rules of the Association and the rules governing the competitions


            Clubs competing in the Competitions shall have at least one copy of these rules and shall be bound thereby

            Clubs pleading ignorance of these rules will not be accepted.


34        Alteration to Rules:

            The junior Committee of the Association shall have the power to alter these rules, but in no case shall they do so until after the Final tie in any one-yea has been completed


35        Matters not covered in these rules

            The Junior Committee of the Association shall have the power to deal with any matter not particularly covered in these rules


36        Admission of Council Members to Matches

            All members of the Connacht football Association shall be entitled to free admission to any cup tie upon production of his or her membership Card


37        Legal Action

            No affiliated member of this Association may take legal action against the Association on any issue relating to the application of these rules



38        Day of Connacht Cup and Shield Games

            All Connacht Cup and Shield games will played on Sundays except when both Clubs agree the game then may be played on Saturday


39        Connacht Junior Shield

            The Connacht Shield will for Clubs knocked out in the First Round of the Connacht Junior Cup.   Clubs not entering the First Round of the Connacht  Cup or Clubs failing to fulfill the First Round of the Connacht Junior Cup will  not be entered in the Connacht Shield




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