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Mayo team and panel for 2010/11 campaign

The Mayo team is normally made up of players who play in the Super league with the occasional Premier Division player included in the panel.  Mayo has yet to taste success in the competition but did reach the final during the 1980/81 season under the guidance of manager Donal Benson.  Mayo went under to a Leinster Senior League side that included a young Paul McGrath.


Mayo did reach the quarter finals on several occasions, and also reached the semi finals in 1997 under P J Duffy, 2002 under Fergie McEllin and 2009 under Declan Kilkelly.  Mayo were most unlucky on all three occasions to fail at this penultimate stage.


Oscar Traynor Record


Mayo   2                      Sligo    1

Limerick 3                  Mayo   0



Mayo lost 11 – 3 to Leinster Senior League over 2 legs



Mayo did not enter competition



Mayo   4                      Midlands League 3           (Westport)

Mayo   1                      Limerick 5       (Westport)



Mayo   4                      Western Command 3        (Celtic Park)

Mayo   0                      Leinster Senior League 2



Mayo   0                      Sligo Leitrim   1



Galway 1                     Mayo   2                              (Replay after 1-1 draw)

Amateur League  3     Mayo   1



Sligo Leitrim 0            Mayo 2

Galway 1                     Mayo 0



Sligo Leitrim 3            Mayo 2



Mayo 2                        Galway 0                            (Celtic Park)

Mayo 2                        Wicklow 0                           (Westport)

Sligo Leitrim 4            Mayo 0                               (Quarter Final)



Mayo 0                        Sligo Leitrim 1



Mayo 4                        Sligo Leitrim 1                   (Ballina)

Galway 4                     Mayo 1



Mayo did not enter the competition – played in Western League



Mayo did not enter competition


1977/78           (Niall Halpin Manager)

Mayo 2                        Western Command 3    (Westport)



Mayo 3                        Western Command 2     A.E.T. in Celtic Park

Inishowen 3                Mayo 1



Mayo 2                        Galway 3                           (Ballina)


(Niall Halpin – Played 4, Won 1, Lost 3)


1980/81           (Donal Benson, Manager)

Galway 1                     Mayo  4

Mayo 2                        North Eastern League  1          (Celtic Park)

Clare 3                        Mayo 4 (A.E.T. –           Semi Final)

Leinster Sen League 2        Mayo 0                (Final)



Roscommon 2             Mayo 1



Mayo 1                        Galway 2                          (Ballina)



Mayo 2                        Roscommon 1                 (Ballyhaunis)

Mayo 1                        Galway 3                          (St. Mary’s Castlebar)



Galway 2                     Mayo 2                             (Mayo lost 1 – 3 on penalties)



Mayo 2                        Sligo Leitrim 1                 (Celtic Park)

Galway 1                     Mayo 1                             (Mayo lost 1 – 3 on penalties)



Sligo Leitrim 2            Mayo 1




Mayo 5                        Galway 0                      (Glenhest)

Mayo 2                        Sligo Leitrim 1            (Celtic Park)

Mayo 0                        A.U.L. Dublin 3           (Westport – Quarter Final)


(Donal Benson – Played 15; Won 7, Lost 8)


1988/89           (Michael Feeney Manager)

Donegal 2                    Mayo 2                       (Mayo won 6 – 5 on penalties)

Mayo 3                        Roscommon 1             (Celtic Park)

Mayo 1                        Galway 3                      (Glenhest)



Galway 5                     Mayo 1



Mayo 1                        Roscommon 0                 (Milebush Park)

Galway 6                     Mayo 1


(Michael Feeney Played 6; Won 3 Lost 3)


1991/92           (Michael Carroll & Frank McHale Joint Managers)

Galway 6                     Mayo 0


1992/93           (Frank McHale Manager)

Roscommon 2             Mayo 2                           (Mayo won 4 – 3 on penalties)

Galway 1                     Mayo 0



Roscommon 1             Mayo 1                           (Mayo won 3 – 1 on penalties)

Mayo 1                        Galway 0                         (Glenhest)

Mayo 1                        Sligo Leitrim 2                (Milebush – Quarter Final)



Galway 1                     Mayo 1                            (Mayo lost 3 – 2 on penalties).


(Frank McHale Played 6; Won, Lost 3)


1995/96           (P.J. Duffy Manager)

Donegal 0                    Mayo 1

Mayo 2                        Roscommon 0               (Milebush)

Mayo 1                        Galway 2                        (Milebush – Quarter Final)



1/12/96            Inishowen 1                 Mayo 3

26/1/97            Galway 2                     Mayo 2  (Mayo won 4 – 3 on penalties)

5/4/97              Mayo 0                        Kerry 2   (Milebush Park Semi final)



Mayo 1                        Inishowen 3    (Milebush Park)


(P.J. Duffy Played 7; Won 4, Lost 3)


1998/99Jarlath Moran (Result to be confirmed)

Donegal  1                 Mayo  0


1999/00(Jeremy Dee)

Inishowen 2                Mayo  1


2000/01(Jeremy Dee)

Inishowen  1               Mayo  0




Mayo’s Oscar Traynor Record since 2001 – Group games regionalised, and then Knockout.


Season 2001/2002 (Fergie McEllin)

11/11/01          Roscommon 2             Mayo 3                                                                            

9/12/01            Mayo 0                          Galway 0

================                          Mayo qualify in Group stage 1st of 3

3/2/02              Mayo 2                        Inishowen 1 (Quarter Final)

17/3/02            Kilkenny 3                  Mayo 0 (Semi Final)


Season 2002 / 2003 (Fergie McEllin)

1/12/02            Galway 0                     Mayo 1

5/1/03              Mayo 0                        Roscommon 0

====================                  Mayo qualify in Group stage 1st of 3

9/3/03              Leinster L 3                 Mayo 3 (Mayo won 4-3 on penalties)

6/4/03              Clare 2                         Mayo 1 (A.E.T.) (Quarter Final)


(Fergie McEllin played 8; Won 4, Drew 2, Lost 2)


Season 2003 / 2004  (Jeremy Dee -  manager)

11/10/03          Mayo 3                        Defence Forces 2                             

19/10/03          Mayo 0                        Galway 3

9/11/03            Roscommon 2             Mayo 2 (J Dee & L Tierney)

==========================     Mayo qualify in Group 2nd of 4

1/2/04              Tipperary South 1        Mayo 0 (L Tierney) – Q Final


(Jeremy Dee 1999/2000, 2000/2001 and 2003 played 5, Won  1, Drew 1, Lost 3)


Season 2004 / 2005 (Leo Tierney)

31/10/04          Donegal 0                    Mayo 2                                                

13/11/04          Mayo 2                        Defence Forces 0

19/12/04          Mayo 0                        Galway 2

=====================               Mayo qualify in Group stage 2nd of 4

20/2/05            Cork A.U.L. 1             Mayo 4

12/3/05            Leinster S L 1             Mayo 0   (A.E.T. – Quarter Final)


Season 2005 / 2006 (Leo Tierney)                           

6/11/05            Mayo 0                        Donegal 1

19/11/05          Defence Forces 1     Mayo 2

8/1/06              Galway 2                     Mayo 0


(Leo Tierney played 10, Won 4, Drew 1, Lost 5)


Season 2006 / 2007  (Mick Wallace)

17/11/06          Roscommon 0             Mayo 5

7/1/07              Mayo 3                          Galway 1

28/1/07            Donegal 0                    Mayo 7

18/2/07            Mayo 1                         Inishowen 1

======================              Mayo qualify in Group stage 1st of 4

25/3/07            Mayo 2                         Leinster S.L. 2 (Mayo won 4-3 on penalties)

29/4/07            Mayo 0                         Kilkenny 3 (Quarter Final)


(Mick Wallace played 6, Won 4, Drew 1, Lost 1)


Season 2007 /2008  (Declan Kilkelly)

18/11/07          Mayo 3                        Roscommon 0

5/1/08              Galway 2                     Mayo 0

27/1/08            Mayo 4                        Donegal 0

17/2/08            Inishowen 1                Mayo 1


Season 2008 / 2009 (Declan Kilkelly)

16/11/08          Inishowen 1                Mayo 1

7/12/08            Mayo 1                        Galway 0

===============================         Mayo qualify in Group stage 1st of 3

17/1/09            United Churches L 0  Mayo 2 (Quarter Final)

15/2/09            A.U.L. Dublin  2          Mayo  1 (Semi Final)


(Declan Kilkelly played 8, Won 4, Drew 2, Lost 2)


 Mayo played a total of 34 matches since November ’01 to date (15/2/2009).

Won 17 (2 matches won on penalties – 8 Home wins, 9 Away wins)

6 Draws (3 Home and 3 Away)

11 Losses (4 Home and 7 Away – 2 of the losses in Extra time)



Compiled by Joe Butler  9th January 2009 from Tom Kelly's history of Mayo Football up to 1996.

Amended / Updated 8th February ‘09

Amended / Updated 2nd November 2009


2009/10 SeasonBrendan Kenny Manager

8/11/2009        Mayo 5            Inishowen 3

                          Mayo 3            Galway 4

2010/11 Season - Brendan Kenny

9/1/2011          Mayo 3            Roscommon 3

6/2/2011          Sligo/Leit 3     Mayo  1 










F.A.I. OSCAR TRAYNOR TROPHY RULES.                           [Effective 25-9-07]


Rule 1 - The Trophy shall be called “The Football Association of Ireland Oscar Traynor Trophy” and is the property of the Association.


Rule 2 - The Competition shall be annual and shall be open to all Junior Leagues  under the jurisdiction of the Association.


Rule 2a – Leagues desiring to compete in the Competition must pay the entrance fee with the official entrance form and same must be returned on or before the prescribed date as determined by the Junior Key Committee. The fee to be decided at the Opening Meeting of Council


Rule 2b   National League and Intermediate Leagues are not eligible to compete in this competition.


Rule 2c - Each player must sign an official signing on form for the team he wishes to play for and this in turn must be registered in the League in question.


Rule 2d - No player can play for more than one League in the competition in the same season.


Rule 2e - Players must be registered with their Leagues 14 days prior to the fixture.


Rule 2f - Any player who plays in the Senior Cup or Intermediate Cup after the 31/08/06 is not eligible to play in the competition.


Rule 2g - Any player who plays more than 5 games in the National League or at Intermediate level after the 31/08/07 must be regraded by his League and notice of this must be forwarded to the F.A.I. Junior Hon. Secretary by Registered post by the League concerned. No League may play more than 4 re-graded players in any one Oscar Traynor game.



Players being released from National League clubs must receive a letter of release from the National League club as well as a letter of clearance from the National League. No player on professional forms is eligible to play in the Oscar Traynor.


Rule 2h - Players Under the age of 21 playing in the National League will be classed as under age players and will not lose their Junior/Amateur Status, any player over the age of 21 that plays more than 5 games at National Under  21 level in their current season  will lose his Junior/Amateur status.


Rule 2i - The transfer date of the 31st of January shall apply to all teams playing in the Competition regardless of Domestic League Rules. 


Rule 2j - Any player entering the jurisdiction of the Association after playing in another jurisdiction must receive clearance from the Association before playing.


Rule 3 - If the Committee have any doubt as to the qualification of any player taking part in the Competition, they shall have power to call upon such player or Club to which he belongs, or for which he played, to prove he is qualified according to the Rules and failing satisfactory proof, the Committee may disqualify such player and may remove the Club from the Competition, or impose such other penalty as they may think fit.


Rule 4a – The Referee’s match card must be fully completed prior to the game.


Rule 4b - A club may at its discretion use 3 substitutes from 7 named, these must be noted on the match card prior to the game.


Rule 5 – Teams may view the match card after the game in the presence of the Match Official.


Rule 5a - All leagues must allow other leagues competing in the competition permission to inspect their registrations subject to payment of the normal league search fee.


All leagues competing in the competition must give an undertaking that their players do not or have not competed in any leagues or competitions outside the jurisdiction of the Association in the current season.


Rule 6 - Players in each competing team must wear the registered colours of the League. In the case of a clash of colours the home League must change. A goalkeeper must wear a shirt of a different colour to that of his team mates. The Referee shall have the final say in relation to a clash of gear.


Rule 6[b] - All players shirts must be numbered and their names must correspond with the names entered on the Referees match card.


Rule 7 - All matches in the Group stages shall be 90 minutes duration. If a draw after 90 minutes in the knockout stages including the final, 10 minutes each way extra time to be played, if still a draw after extra time Penalty Rule to apply.


Rule 7[a] – Leagues late for a kick-off time may be liable to a fine or may be removed from the competition. 


Rule 7 [b] – First named Leagues has choice of ground. If the first named league cannot supply a ground, the match must take place on the opposing league’s ground.   


Rule 8- All matches in the competition must be played on an enclosed ground. If the home team cannot supply a ground the match will switch to the away sides home ground


An enclosed ground is defined as a ground where access can only be gained through an official entrances and where spectators are separated from the playing area by railings or ropes and all such grounds should contain dug outs were possible.


Leagues may use synthetic pitches once licensed to the required UEFA standard.


The Key Committee shall be final arbiter.


Postponed or abandoned games due to weather conditions to be played on opponents ground on the following cup date. Any other abandoned games may be re-fixed by the Key Committee.


Rule 9 – Leagues must play on or before the set date in Group games. The Key Committee will set the dates for the knockout stages of the competition.


Group matches must be played on or before the following dates.


Please note the final Group games in each Group must be played on the same day and have the same kick-off time.


This competition is a weekend competition i.e. played on Saturday or Sunday with afternoon kick-offs. Kick-off times may be altered with the agreement of both Leagues. Midweek games can be played by agreement. If there is any dispute between Leagues in relation to fixtures and times the Hon. Secretary of the Junior Council will be the final arbitrator.   


If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the following criteria are applied to determine the rankings:


A] Higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the teams in question.


B] Superior goal difference resulting from the group matches played among the teams in question.


C] Higher number of goals scored in the group matches played among the teams in question.


D] If after having applied criteria a] to c] two teams still have equal ranking e] shall apply


E] Results of all group matches

            1 Superior goal difference

            2 Higher number of goals scored.

If teams still remain level lots will be drawn.


Rule 10 - A ground for Oscar Traynor Ties shall be understood to be a ground of sufficient length and width, properly delineated and marked according to Law 1, Laws of the Game. In the event of a ground not being marked or properly marked the Committee will have power to either remove the team, refix the match or impose a fine on the offending League according to the circumstances of the case.


Rule 11- For the knockout, Semi-Finals and Final Ties the home League shall have home advantage.


Rule 12- Any League intending to scratch must give notice in writing to the Secretary of the F.A.I. Junior Council and to the Secretary of the opposing League. Such notice must be received at least 4 days prior to the tie [Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays excluded . Any Club failing to conform to this Rule shall be dealt with by the Committee.


Rule 13 - Any League refusing or failing to play the Club against which it has been drawn on the date fixed by the Committee and without sufficient reason for so doing shall be adjudged to have lost the match and fined.


Rule 14 - Affiliates, players or others dissatisfied with decisions of the Junior Council, Junior Key Committee or any of its sub-committees shall have the right to appeal to the Football Association of Ireland


Any such appeal must be forwarded to the General Secretary/CEO of the Association by registered post bearing a postmark within four days of the date on which the notification was sent to the appellant and must be accompanied by a Bank Draft or Postal Order for the fee of €500  made payable to the Football Association of Ireland. [ Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays excluded].


The appeal fee may be refunded if the appeal is successful.


An exact copy of the appeal must be sent by registered post to the Hon. Secretary of the F.A.I. Junior Council whose decision is the subject of the appeal. [See F.A.I. Rule 30]


The Council's area representative’s disciplinary committee will meet after each cup round to review the Referee's reports on rough play. League Secretaries whose players have been sent off can attend with the player concerned if the so wish by contacting the area Secretary. Written notice of all rough play decisions will be forwarded to the Secretary of the offending club as well as the League Secretary. Please note the onus is on the Club to ensure that the offending player or players serve their suspension and that all fines are paid within 7 days from date of notice of the decision.


A player who receives a red card in an F.A.I. Oscar Traynor tie will stand suspended for a minimum for one game in the next round in the competition if his team advances; if his team is eliminated from the competition he stands suspended for a minimum of one game in his next competitive game.


The one game suspension may not be appealed.


A player sent from the field of play in a 1st team match shall not serve an automatic suspension in a reserve team match. Following receipt of the Referees report the relevant disciplinary body may at their discretion extend the duration of the suspension and/or impose a fine.   


In the F.A.I. Oscar Traynor Trophy, League’s dissatisfied with decisions of the Council's area representative’s disciplinary committee may appeal the decision in the first place to the Junior Key Committee Appeals Committee in accordance with appeals procedure and time frame as outlined above, together with an appeal fee of 100 euro. Copy of appeal to be sent to the area representative.


Rule 15 - Protests and claims must be received by the Hon. Secretary of the F.A.I. Junior Council per registered letter bearing postmark within 4 days [Saturday/Sundays and Bank Holidays excepted] after the match, accompanied by a deposit of €100, which shall be forfeited if the protest is not sustained, except if the Committee in view of special circumstances decide otherwise. Payment must be made by Postal Order, Money Order or Bank Draft.


A copy of the protest or claim must be sent by registered letter to the League protested against, bearing postmark within 4 days, as aforesaid, after the match.


League’s protesting must state their reasons for protesting in the registered letter. If the protest is upheld the Committee may award the tie to the protesting Club or may impose a fine on the Club protested against and or refix the match, according to the circumstances of the case.


Rule 16 - Every League is responsible to the Junior Council for the action of its players, officials and spectators, and is required to take all reasonable precautions to prevent verbal and racial abuse, threatening or assaulting match officials and players or club officials before, during or after a match. League’s in breach of this rule may be fined.


Please note the Junior Council or the Football Association of Ireland will not tolerate any racial abuse and any incidents reported will be thoroughly investigated and the maximum punishment will be delivered to those found guilty.


Rule 19- In all rounds up to and including the Semi - Finals the gate receipts shall

be kept by the home team. The final gate will be retained by Junior Council and then shared after expenses are deducted.


Rule 20- All Leagues are requested to use Umbro match balls for all games in this competition failure to use same could result in a fine.


Decision of Council /Key Committee


All the questions of eligibility, or qualification of competitors or of application of these Rules or the Laws of the Game, shall be referred to the Key Committee on behalf of Council, whose decision shall be final and shall have the power to withhold the Cup and Medals or Badges.


Power to alter Rules:

The Key Committee or Council shall have power to alter these Rules, but in no case shall they do so until after the Final Tie in any competition has been played.




Any player or official may be requested to attend before a Disciplinary Committee based on the Referees report, persons failing to attend without a satisfactory reason will be dealt with as the Committee deems fit.


In the case of an alleged assault on a Referee or Assistant Referee , the person or persons concerned shall stand suspended from the moment of the alleged offence was reported. They shall not play or take part in any football activities until their case is heard. All cases of an alleged assault must be heard within 5 days of the offence.


In all games up to and including the Semi-Finals the home teams must pay the Referees expenses.


 3 Officials must be provided for all games. In the Group games the home League may appoint their own Officials or agree on Officials from a sister league.


In the case of the Round for the last 16 teams and subsequent rounds the match officials will be appointed from another League.  These appointments will be made by the F.A.I Referees Department.


Leagues are requested to consult the Senior Rule Book in relation to regarding and the reinstatement of players.





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