Team List
NameTypeHome ColoursAway ColoursAlt ColoursStatusView
Ballyboughal NSFirst   Active
Ballyroan Boys NSFirst   Active
Balrothery NS, BalbrigganFirst   Active
Belgrove Senior NSFirst   Active
Belmayne ETNSFirst   Active
Bracken ETNSFirst   Active
Burrow NSFirst   Active
Burrow NSFirst (Womens)   Active
Castleknock ETNSFirst   Active
Castleknock ETNSFirst (Womens)   Active
Christ the King, CabraFirst   Active
Christ the King, CabraFirst (Womens)   Active
City Quay N.SFirst (Womens)   Active
City Quay N.S.First   Active
Clonburris NS, ClondalkinFirst   Active
Dalkey School Project NSFirst   Active
Divine Mercy, BalgaddyFirst   Active
Divine Word, RathfarnhamFirst   Active
Divine Word, RathfarnhamFirst (Womens)   Active
Dominican PS, Dun LaoghaireFirst   Active
Donabate Portrane ETNSFirst   Active
Donabate Portrane ETNSFirst (Womens)   Active
Dublin 7 ETFirst   Active
Dublin 7 ETFirst (Womens)   Active
Esker ETNSFirst   Active
Esker ETNSFirst (Womens)   Active
Francis Street CBSFirst   Active
Gaelscoil Ui EarcainFirst   Active
Gaelscoil Ui EarcainFirst (Womens)   Active
Glenageary Killiney NSFirst   Active
Good Shepherd, ChurchtownFirst   Active
Guardian Angels, BlackrockFirst   Active
Harold's Cross NSFirst   Active
Holy Child, LarkhillFirst   Active
Holy Family RathcooleFirst   Active
Holy Family RathcooleFirst (Womens)   Active
Holy Family, SwordsFirst (Womens)   Active
Holy Family, SwordsFirst   Active
Holy Spirit, BallymunFirst   Active
John ScottusFirst   Active
John ScottusFirst (Womens)   Active
Johnstown Boys NSFirst   Active
Knockmore Senior SchoolFirst   Active
Knockmore Senior SchoolFirst (Womens)   Active
Ladyswell NSFirst   Active
Ladyswell NSFirst (Womens)   Active
Lusk NSFirst   Active
Lusk NSFirst (Womens)   Active
Mary Queen of AngelsFirst   Active
Monkstown ETNSFirst   Active
Monkstown ETNSFirst (Womens)   Active
Mount Anville Primary SchoolFirst (Womens)   Active
Mulhuddart NSFirst (Womens)   Active
OatlandsFirst   Active
OLV, BallymunFirst   Active
Our Lady Immaculate, DarndaleFirst   Active
Our Lady Immaculate, DarndaleFirst (Womens)   Active
Our Lady of Good Counsel, DrimnaghFirst   Active
Our Lady of Good Counsel, DrimnaghFirst (Womens)   Active
Our Lady of LourdesFirst (Womens)   Active
Our Lady of the Wayside, BluebellFirst   Active
Our Lady of the Wayside, BluebellFirst (Womens)   Active
Our Lady of the Wayside, KilternanFirst   Active
Our Lady of the Wayside, KilternanFirst (Womens)   Active
Our Lady's BallinteerFirst   Active
Our Lady's, BallinteerFirst   Active
Plás Mhuire BNSFirst   Active
Plás Mhuire BNSFirst (Womens)   Active
Pope John Paul 2, MalahideFirst   Active
Pope John Paul 2, MalahideFirst (Womens)   Active
Rathfarnham ETFirst   Active
Rathfarnham ETFirst (Womens)   Active
Rush National SchoolFirst   Active
Rush National SchoolFirst (Womens)   Active
Sacred Heart NS, KillinardenFirst   Active
Sacred Heart NS, KillinardenFirst (Womens)   Active
Sacred Heart of Jesus, HuntstownFirst   Active
Sacred Heart of Jesus, HuntstownFirst (Womens)   Active
Sacred Heart, Ballygall RoadFirst   Active
Sacred Heart, Ballygall RoadFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Aine Naofa LucanFirst   Active
Scoil Aine Naofa LucanFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Bhríde BlanchardstownFirst   Active
Scoil Bhríde BlanchardstownFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Bhride, RanelaghFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Chaitriona, Baggot St.First   Active
Scoil Chaitriona, Baggot St.First (Womens)   Active
Scoil Chiaráin DonnycarneyFirst   Active
Scoil Cholmcille BallybrackFirst   Active
Scoil Cholmcille BallybrackFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Cholmcille DonaghmedeFirst   Active
Scoil Cholmcille DonaghmedeFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Colm CrumlinFirst   Active
Scoil Colm CrumlinFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Eoin, KilbarrackFirst   Active
Scoil Eoin, KilbarrackFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Fhursa Cromcastle GreenFirst   Active
Scoil Fhursa Cromcastle GreenFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Fionbarra NaofaFirst   Active
Scoil Fionnbarra NaofaFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Fionnbarra NaofaFirst   Active
Scoil Ide Girls NSFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Mhuire MarinoFirst   Active
Scoil Mhuire ShankillFirst   Active
Scoil Mhuire ShankillFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Mhuire, BallybodenFirst   Active
Scoil Mhuire, BallybodenFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Mhuire, LucanFirst   Active
Scoil Mhuire, LucanFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Naomh CaoimhínFirst   Active
Scoil Naomh CaoimhínFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil NeasáinFirst   Active
Scoil NeasáinFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil San Carlo LeixlipFirst   Active
Scoil San Carlo LeixlipFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Thomáis, Laurel LodgeFirst   Active
Scoil Thomáis, Laurel LodgeFirst (Womens)   Active
Scoil Treasa, Petrie RoadFirst   Active
Scoil Treasa, Petrie RoadFirst (Womens)   Active
Solas Chriost NSFirst   Active
Solas Chriost NSFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Aidan's NS BrookfieldFirst   Active
St. Aidan's NS BrookfieldFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Anne's FettercairnFirst   Active
St. Anne's NS ShankillFirst   Active
St. Anne's NS ShankillFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Anne's, FettercairnFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Audoen's, Cook StFirst   Active
St. Audoen's, Cook StFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Benedict's & St. Mary'sFirst   Active
St. Benedict's & St. Mary'sFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Benedict's, OngarFirst   Active
St. Benedict's, OngarFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Bernadette's, QuarryvaleFirstWhite Shirts, Black shorts & socksAll Sky Blue Active
St. Bernadette's, QuarryvaleFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Brendan's ArtaneFirst   Active
St. Brendan's LoughshinnyFirst   Active
St. Brigid's FoxrockFirst   Active
St. Brigid's FoxrockBTEAM   Active
St. Brigid's KillesterFirst   Active
St. Brigid's NS, KillesterFirst   Active
St. Brigid's, CastleknockFirst   Active
St. Brigid's, CastleknockFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Brigid's, KillesterFirst   Active
St. Brigid's, KillesterFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Canice's FinglasFirst   Active
St. Catherine's RushFirst   Active
St. Catherine's RushFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Ciaran's, HartstownFirst   Active
St. Ciaran's, HartstownFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Colmcille's SwordsFirst   Active
St. Colmcille's SwordsFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Cronan's, SwordsFirst   Active
St. Cronan's, SwordsFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Damian's WalkinstownFirst   Active
St. Damian's WalkinstownFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Dominic's TallaghtFirst   Active
St. Dominic's TallaghtFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Francis PriorswoodFirst   Active
St. Francis XavierFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Francis Xavier Senior NSFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Francis Xavier SNSFirst   Active
St. Gabriel's Cowper StreetFirst   Active
St. Gabriel's Cowper StreetFirst (Womens)   Active
St. John Bosco Navan RoadFirst   Active
St. John the EvangelistFirst (Womens)   Active
St. John the Evangelist NSFirst   Active
St. John's BallybrackFirst   Active
St. John's BallybrackFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Joseph's ClondalkinFirst   Active
St. Joseph's ClondalkinFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Joseph's Co-Ed, East WallFirst   Active
St. Joseph's Co-Ed, East WallFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Joseph's FairviewFirst   Active
St. Joseph's FairviewFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Joseph's, BallymunFirst   Active
St. Joseph's, BonnybrookFirst   Active
St. Kevin's FinglasFirst   Active
St. Kevin's FinglasFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Kevin's SallynogginFirst   Active
St. Kevin's SallynogginFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Kilian's KingswoodFirst   Active
St. Kilian's KingswoodFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Kilian's, ClonskeaghFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Laurence O' Toole's BoysFirst   Active
St. Laurence O' Toole's BoysFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Laurence O' Toole's GirlsFirst   Active
St. Laurence O' Toole's GirlsFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Lorcan's PalmerstownFirst   Active
St. Lorcan's PalmerstownFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Louise's, BallyfermotFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Luke's, MulhuddartFirst   Active
St. Malachy's EdenmoreFirst   Active
St. Malachy's EdenmoreFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Mark's SpringfieldFirst   Active
St. Mark's SpringfieldFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Mary's BooterstownFirst   Active
St. Mary's Primary SchoolFirst   Active
St. Mary's Primary SchoolFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Mary's RowlaghFirst   Active
St. Mary's RowlaghFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Mary's SaggartFirst   Active
St. Mary's SaggartFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Mary's TallaghtFirst   Active
St. Mary's TallaghtFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Mochta's, ClonsillaFirst   Active
St. Mochta's, ClonsillaFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Nicholas of MyraFirst   Active
St. Olaf'sFirst   Active
St. Olaf'sFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Oliver Plunkett'sFirst   Active
St. Oliver Plunkett'sFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Oliver's BalrotheryFirst   Active
St. Oliver's BalrotheryFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Patrick's ChapelizodFirst   Active
St. Patrick's ChapelizodFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Patrick's CorduffFirst   Active
St. Patrick's CorduffFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Patrick's DiswellstownFirst   Active
St. Patrick's DiswellstownFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Patrick's DonabateFirst   Active
St. Patrick's DonabateFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Patrick's DrumcondraFirst   Active
St. Patrick's DrumcondraFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Patrick's HollyparkFirst   Active
St. Patrick's HollyparkFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Patrick's RingsendFirst   Active
St. Patrick's RingsendFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Patrick's SkerriesFirst   Active
St. Patrick's SkerriesFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Paul's Brunswick StreetFirst   Active
St. Peter Apostle NeilstownFirst   Active
St. Peter Apostle NeilstownFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Philip's MountviewFirst   Active
St. Philip's MountviewFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Ronan's DeansrathFirst   Active
St. Ronan's DeansrathFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Rose's TallaghtFirst   Active
St. Rose's TallaghtFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Teresa's, BalbrigganFirst   Active
St. Thomas' JobstownFirst   Active
St. Thomas' JobstownFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Ultan's Cherry OrchardFirst   Active
St. Ultan's, Cherry OrchardFirst   Active
St. Ultan's, Cherry OrchardFirst (Womens)   Active
St. Vincent's GlasnevinFirst   Active
St. Vincent's GlasnevinFirst (Womens)   Active
Swords ETNSFirst   Active
Talbot Senior BawnogueFirst   Active
Talbot Senior BawnogueFirst (Womens)   Active
Taney PSFirst   Active
Taney PSFirst (Womens)   Active
Terenure College Junior SchoolFirst   Active
Tyrrelstown ETNSFirst   Active
Virgin Mary BallymunFirst   Active
Virgin Mary GNS BallymunFirst (Womens)   Active
WedgewoodFirst   Active
WedgewoodFirst (Womens)   Active
Zion Parish NSFirst   Active